Welcome to Ali G Marketing

Ali G specializes in Internet Marketing tools and training.

Marcus Lim Productions was created because there was a real need for to-the-point, no-fluff training guides on a variety of skills to help online entreprenuers who are just starting out. Our goal is to provide a line of high quality, dependable and affordable training guides to equip beginners with the skills they need to get their foot in the door.

From setting up their first website, to getting the basics of Photoshop and creating the first sales video and more, we aim to provide the highest quality video and/or written training that takes the newbie step by step from zero to hero in all of these areas. All our courses are digital downloads, so they are all immediately available for download upon purchase.

Our goal is for a customer who has gone through our courses to be armed with the strong and solid foundation necessary to go on and take immediate action, because we strongly believe that taking action is where the real learning happens. As such, we focus only on the absolute core skills someone will need to have to start taking action, because it is not necessary to know everything to get started – one simply needs to know enough.