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We build software for internet marketers.
At Ali G Marketing, our mission is to bring you the very best tools for your online and offline business needs. From social media marketing, to video marketing to SEO and mobile and voice solutions, we have the tools you need to add to your marketing arsenal.
Over our 10+ years in the business, we have won over 20 JVZoo product of the day awards and also more than 10 Warrior Plus awards. This is a testament to our dedication and commitment to quality in all the products we release.
As we move into 2023 and beyond, we aim to keep pushing the boundaries. As our founder Ali G likes to say, "Let's take it to the next level".


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Featured Products

We are constantly growing our offering of software products. Below is a selection of our more recent products released over the past few years.


"We first heard about Ali G. from his notorious Social Lead Freak App that he released like a decade ago. We loved using it back then and it was highly effective, resulting in some of our most successful social media marketing campaigns ever. Later on we even worked on a few projects together after meeting Ali G. at a Marketing event in Dublin, which turned into Big Deals themselves. Thank you so much."

Stoica Bogdan & Vlad M. Christian (Online Marketing & Software Development)
Yogesh Agarwal

“I've known Ali G. for many many years for putting out high quality marketing software and for knowing online marketing tricks of the trade. Over the last few years, finally got the opportunity to work with him on a few marketing software projects and they turned out to be some of our biggest success stories. Pleasure working with you.”

Yogesh Agarwal (Internet Marketer & Software Developer)
Stephan Raz

“I wanted to leave the daily long hours and grind of working in a restaurant and get into online marketing so I can have the convenience of working from my home office while being financially independent. I was introduced to Ali G. via mutual friends and I had a product idea which I wanted to bring to market in a big way. He liked the idea and helped me bring my 1st Digital Product online and it sold in a pretty big way. Super thankful.”

Stephan Raz (Product Creator & Online Marketer)

Our Team

Ali G

In a previous life, Ali G was a proprietary trader on Wall Street. Now for 10+ years he’s been a full-time Internet Marketer dedicated to helping marketers, businesses & entrepreneurs all over the world get to the next level with their businesses in the new information age of the 21st century. He's been responsible for the Development/Marketing & Release of majorly beneficial marketing software like the notorious "Social Lead Freak", "Video Marketing Blaster", "LingoBlaster", "VoiceBuddy", "1st Page Ranker" and many other evergreen apps, used currently by Thousands of happy users around the world.

Marcus Lim

Based in Sydney, Australia, Marcus Lim has been with Ali G. Marketing since the beginning. With his illustrious, coveted PhD background in Computer Programming & Engineering and high-level SEO tactics, he was the technical driving force behind the early product hits including "Social Lead Freak" that first put the company on everyone's radar. He also runs a product review blog at Silver Bullet Publishing

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We welcome feedback and suggestions. Please contact us for partnership opportunities, product ideas and other matters.

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Email Us: support@aligmarketing.com

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